Tuesday, August 07, 2007

AP: Check Your Calendar

So a little bit of good news oozes out of Iraq and the ghouls at the Associated Press decide to change the focus.

They are obsessed with death.

U.S. troop deaths up after drop in July
BAGHDAD - Four more U.S. troops and a British soldier have died in attacks, military officials said Tuesday, in a possible sign [hope? --ed.] that extremists are regrouping after a drop in American deaths last month.

The spate of recent U.S. deaths — 19 so far in August — seems certain to intensify the debate over U.S. progress to calm Iraq and gain ground against militants ahead of a key September report to Congress.

U.S. deaths had dropped slightly in July to 79 — the lowest monthly tally since 70 were killed in November. Before July, more than 100 American forces died each month in the April-to-June period as the U.S. military struck out at insurgents on dangerous streets and cities across Iraq.
Good grief, people, it's August 7! What if there are no further casualties for the balance of the month -- wishful thinking, of course -- or even one per day? It will be far lower for the month of August than for July.

So why on earth are they running absurd stories making statistical comparisons when you still have 24 days remaining in the month?

No media bias here...

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