Sunday, January 06, 2008

Adam Gadahn, Al Qaeda Agent of Change

The way this clown talks about George W. Bush, I'm surprised he's not leading the Democrat race in New Hampshire.

If the Al Qaeda femme fatale promised universal health care and taxes on the wealthy, he'd probably be the frontrunner.
American Al Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn told his followers to welcome Bush "with bombs and traps" upon his upcoming visit to the Middle East this week.

"The occupied territories are awaiting their first visit by the crusader Bush and the mujahideen are also waiting for him," said Gadahn, a California native and now an Al Qaeda spokesman.

Gadahn is the star of the latest al Qaeda propaganda video to be posted online by the group's media wing, As Sahab.

In his newest dramatic gesture, Gadahn tore up his U.S. passport in protest of the imprisonment of fellow al Qaeda followers Abu Zubaydah, John Walker Lindh and Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman.

"I don't need it to travel anyway," he said afterwards.

Gadahn made reference to November's Annapolis conference of Middle Eastern leaders, saying it was a gathering of Bush's "loyal puppets." He said the United States has been "unmistakably defeated" in Iraq in Afghanistan and has lost the battle for hearts and minds "in spectacular fashion."
Sounds like Harry Reid's talking points.

I wonder if failed former presidential candidate George McGovern helped Gadahn out with his speech?

UPDATE: Fat traitor tears up his passport.

On cue, the HuffPosters chime in.
KenFr (See profile | I'm a fan of KenFr)
Adam Gadahn is really Adam Pearlman, and he is the grandson of a board member of ADL, the late Carl K. Pearlman. His "Al Qaeda" role is pure media hoax to keep Americans scared into supporting wars for Israel.

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