Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Savor the Change: NY Democrats Swear In State Senator Facing Charges for Brutally Assaulting Girlfriend

Nobody circles the wagons like Democrats when their own face criminal charges. Today the fine folks in Albany swore in as state senator Hiram "Jagged Edge" Monseratte, who celebrated the holidays by ripping his girlfriend's face open with broken glass. Nothing like being politically expedient when you have the opportunity to be in the majority.
Hiram Monserrate has been sworn in as a New York state senator. Authorities in New York City continue to investigate reports that he viciously attacked his girlfriend during an argument.

Monserrate, who took office Wednesday, vehemently denies the charges.

Both the former New York City councilman and his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, say her Dec. 19 injuries resulted from an accident.

Monserrate told police that he tripped and accidentally hit her with a glass of water.
Oh, sure. She tripped. According to an earlier report, this ACLU board member use a beer bottle, not a glass.

His weak argument that she tripped may be demolished entirely by the news he stars on video where he's dragging her out of the apartment by her hair. Good luck, Hiram!
A Queens state senator who denies beating his girlfriend was caught on security cameras dragging the scared, bleeding woman from his apartment, law enforcement sources told the Daily News.

Newly elected Sen. Hiram Monserrate "will be convicted by the security video" taken in the hallway and outside his Jackson Heights apartment after he allegedly slashed Karla Giraldo in a jealous rage, sources said.

"No one can look at the security video and think that this was an accident," said a law enforcement source who saw the footage. "The woman looks scared out of her mind and trying to get away from this guy."

The video shows Giraldo grabbing the apartment's front door as Monserrate tried to drag her out of the building, sources said.

Other video clips show Giraldo clutching a towel to her injured left eye and banging on the door of a neighbor's apartment for help, sources said.

That neighbor, Carolyn Loudon, 46, said Tuesday she heard Giraldo banging on her door but was too scared to open it.

She said she is used to noise coming from Monserrate's unit, but the ruckus was worse than usual on Dec. 19.

"It was frightening," Loudon said. "I heard screaming and then banging on the door."

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