Friday, February 20, 2009

Ann Coulter On Larry King, Guest-Hosted by Joy Behar (VIDEOS)

Well, isn't this a whole bunch of fun? I was quite amused watching this tonight. I hope you, too, get the same feeling as did I. Is it anyone else but me that thinks Joy is flummoxed by Ann's vocabulary and historical references? Joy tries flippantly to laugh things off, but it's not too convincing.

Here ya go, folks. Enjoy!

There was no contest here. Even Joy's "comedic" skills were like a dull bowling alley shoe compared to Ann's Marine high-gloss dress shoe; I could see my reflection in Ann, but looking at Joy all I could see was swamp water. Heh.

And there's a HILARIOUS P.S. to this Larry King appearance.

Today on The View, Whoopi prompted Joy to promote her guesting for Larry tonight, and Barbara asked Joy about Ann "Are you going to take her on?", to which Joy replied "When you're sitting for Larry, you're objective more or less. I don't give my opinion as much on that show. So I'm perfectly capable of being neutral, but I will question her. Seriously I can!"

Even Whoopi rolled her eyes at THAT one. And as you can see by the previous videos, she was anything but objective. But then again, who expects liberals to keep their word? What a concept...someone keeping their word.

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