Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally! 'What Obama Means to Me' Website Launches

This guy hardly gets any positive press and the poor, bedraggled media has such a difficult time scaring up any positive quotes about the man, so finally real, genuine Obama-loving Americans now have found a home to call their own.

Yes, there's a press release to announce this groundbreaking news.
WhatObamaMeansToMe.com officially launched on Presidents Day. WhatObamaMeansToMe.com allows the citizens of the United States and the people of the world to share what Barack Obama means to them. Whether they want to post on the remarkable story of the election of Barack Obama, or just discuss a current event, WhatObamaMeansToMe.com is the place for everyone to share their thoughts.

All inspiring and relevant posts will be included in a book to be presented to Barack Obama on Presidents Day for each year of his presidency.
Someone named Dean Heller is the contact, and I'll assume that's not the same Dean Heller who's a Republican Congressman from Nevada. God help us if Republicans are now launching Obama love sites.

Anyway, this site looks conspicuously like most any other Obama site. In other words, it's a shrine to The One.

Still, it doesn't appear much thought went into administering the site since anyone can pop in and leave messages. Let's see if this gem will appear in the book presented to Obama.
What Obama means to Tahisa Brown Michigan, USA - 24 Feb 2009
I thought having a black president would be good for everyone. Alan Keyes is a very smart man, so is Colman Powell and Condelesa Rice. Mr. Obama came out of nowhere. He came from Chicago and brought the corrupt politicians with him. Most of the people he picked to serve with him have stepped down because of their corruption. He is NOT doing what he promised. He is giving money to the rich and ignoring the poor blacks and mexicans, indians, and whites who elected him. I am very disappointed. He said he would end the war, but started one in Afganistan. I think the Constitution is dead because the Supreme Court will not decide on his elgibility and inspect his birth certificate. I think America will fall under his leadership or lack of leadership. Too bad he doesn't have any experience.
Where do you even start with that one?

Scroll further and it appears the site is being spammed by Free Republic readers.


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