Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Former Club Gitmo Guest Turned Al Qaeda Honcho Surrenders

Given the penchant for headchopping in the Kingdom, we can only hope for the best. Though somehow I suspect after this cat is properly "rehabbed" he'll be walking free.
A former Guantanamo detainee who later became an al-Qaida field commander has surrendered and was handed over Tuesday to Saudi authorities.

Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi was one of two Saudis released from Guantanamo who re-emerged as al-Qaida operatives in a militant video released a day after President Barack Obama signed an executive order to close the prison within a year.

In the video, al-Oufi wore a camouflage shirt with a leather bandolier of bullets draped over shoulder and threatened the United States.

"In the end, we say to the countries of the cross that are garrisoned on the land of (Saudi Arabia) and which support the crusader war against Muslims: By Allah, we are coming. By Allah, we are coming," he said.

Al-Oufi was detainee number 333 at Guantanamo, and he was released in 2007. In the video, he said he went to Yemen after completing the Saudi government's rehabilitation program for former Guantanamo inmates and other militants.
Back to rehab, Abu.
The Yemeni Interior Ministry announced al-Oufi's surrender Tuesday. Saudi government officials confirmed he was handed over to Saudi authorities in order to contact his family and return to his former rehabilitation center, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

Sheik Mohammed al-Nujaimi, who helps run the rehabilitation program, said al-Oufi had contacted the program's headquarters and "expressed a desire to surrender and return to Saudi Arabia."
Perhaps when he's properly rehabbed he can move on to more lucrative pursuits at the ACLU or DNC.

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