Friday, February 20, 2009

The View Goes Overboard On NY Post Editorial Cartoon (VIDEO)

Today on The View, the hens went full-force on the NY Post editorial cartoonist, Sean Delonis, which portrayed two cops standing over a chimpanzee which has been obviously shot fatally, while the caption reads "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

Now, clearly EVERYBODY knows that Obama only signed the bill. The bill was written by Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid, but oh, no, The View bitches had to immediately infer that the chimp in the cartoon was Obama. Everyone on the panel took great pains to exhibit their self-righteous indignation, with calls of blatant racism, blah, blah, and more blah.

The only one that said one thing I agree with was Joy (shock!), and that was all Americans enjoy TOTAL free speech. Elisabeth was even out-to-lunch on this one, too, shilling for the politically-correct loons in this country.

I just say, give it a rest, everyone. And for the comediennes (Joy, Whoopi & Sherri) on the panel: cartoons are not ALWAYS meant to be funny - that's the precise nature of editorial cartoons, which this selection by cartoonist Delonas was. An editorial cartoon - meant to be illustrative of one's perceptions of another political group; not humorous to all.

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