Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beauty Queen Is a Counterfeit(er)

Is there anything in New Jersey that isn't fake? Too bad she didn't put her counterfeiting skills to good use, like you know bribing the pageant judges.
A Former New Jersey beauty pageant contestant and her mother were two of three suspects arrested in a counterfeit money-making plot, reported.

Ashley Fuhrmeister, who was Miss North Wildwood in 2007, was arrested Friday and accused of using fake $50 bills at two stores, according to
At least they stuck to the other New Jersey value, that being keeping it all in the family.
Fuhrmeister, 21, was released on her own recognizance.
So all you sharp eyed America's Most Wanted types might want to make sure she is abiding by the terms of her release.

And no sooner do I write about a New Jersey beauty contestant throwing around phony money then I find a story about a teen Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen winner dispensing booze at a party.
Wolcott police say two dozen arrests for underage drinking have been made at the home of Miss Connecticut's Outstanding Teen.
How long before the outrage sweeps this country and beauty contest are condemned as a sort of gateway drug to a life of crime.

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