Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over 700 Immigrant Families Ripped Asunder

In a move that is sure to further strain relations between Mexico and the US, jack booted federal agents acting under authorization of the federal government once again targeted the immigrant community in predominately Democratic states, forcefully ripping apart families of immigrants, many just seeking a better life for themselves in this country. These raids many carried out in the pre dawn hours or in the middle of the night were no doubt designed to terrorize the Hispanic community while raising several civil rights issues.

What? Alright guys, real funny. Who gave me last years style book? Come on Bush ain't in office anymore and now you are going to make me rewrite the damn article.

Okay here is the real deal. The headlines trumpeted the fact that over 750 arrests were made involving illegal immigrants from drug cartels operating in this country. What got lost in the headlines is the details. In reality overnight only 52 additional arrests were made bringing the total to 750.

Investigators made 52 arrests in overnight raids in California, Minnesota and Maryland, increasing to more than 750 the number of suspects detained in the coast-to-coast operation to disrupt the Sinaloa cartel, Holder said.

So I wonder who made the other 700 arrests? Well this is the end of a 21 month long operation. So let me see Eric Holder, Attorney General for less then 2 weeks and the Obama administration has been in office barely a month so that must mean all of the other arrests and the bulk of this operation was carried out under the BUSH administration.

We all know that the way I started off this article would no doubt be the way it would have been reported if we hadn't had a change in the White House. Instead we have stories which points to an administration who appears to be getting serious about the war on drugs, but not Islamic terrorists.

If Bush was in office there is no doubt human rights groups and community organizing groups like La Raza would be consulting with their ACLU lawyers to figure out how many civil rights had been violated while the media would be parading tearful women with their broods before the cameras. With Obama in office they have to remain silent since they are about to be rewarded with all kinds of taxpayer dollars disguised as stimulus money into their coffers.

By the way you may have noticed how quickly this story is disappearing from the various news sites, mostly because it was realized that the heavy lifting on this done was done under the Bush years. Admit it. When you first heard this story today, if you heard, didn't you think that there was 750 arrests all carried out at one time?

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