Friday, February 20, 2009

"My Feet Got Jarred"

H/T to Cathryn Friar over at Right Pundits for bringing this story to our attention.

Detective Ken Leonard (on the right in the picture above) is just another one in a long line of average everyday Americans, who heeding an inner calling has gone and done extraordinary things, at a great personal cost, who only continues to inspire others.

Mr Leonard was working for the High Point, NC police department when the call went out for volunteers to go to Iraq and assist them in creating and training a new police force for the country. While serving in Iraq the vehicle he was driving in was the victim of an IED and as a result he lost both of his feet.
“After the bomb went off, I knew exactly what had happened,” Ken said. “My feet got jarred, so I knew they were hit.”

Not one to let a little setback like that slow him down, he went through the painful process of rehabilitation and adapting to new prosthetic feet so that he could once again regain his position on the police force.

He not only did that, but he is now a detective.

On the heels of all of his hard work he is now up for some recognition of his achievements and he is well deserving of the attention.

Now is your chance to further reward Mr. Leonard by voting for him in the contest sponsored by America's Most Wanted called the AMW All Stars

Uh, Ken, please tell me you have lost that New York Yankees hat.

Update (JWF): Ken's obviously an intelligent guy since he's not only a Yankees fan but also a NY Giants fan.

Check out his blog here.

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