Tuesday, February 17, 2009

'I Just Said I’ve Always Wanted to Sleep With a Man Wth Gray Hair'

I guess outside of Obama signing the Declaration of Socialism bill and A-Rod's press conference it's a slow news day.

What else to explain this earth-shattering news?
Everyone seems to have an opinion about Howard Fineman’s hair lately.

The Newsweek reporter and MSNBC commentator has let his hair go gray, and it’s all anyone can talk about.

Perfect strangers, we hear, go up and talk to him about it. If you Google “Howard Fineman” and “hair,” 30,500 hits pop up. (HF and “intellect” gets 3,680; HF and “politics” gets more than 530,000.)

Fineman has been on TV since the early ’80s, and since then, his hair color has remained pretty much the same: dark brown. Until last June, when he started letting it grow out — finally revealing his age-appropriate gray — and stopped dyeing his hair. Now the result is something like this: gray on the sides but still kind of orangey on top.

This has caused tons of reaction, apparently. And a recent appearance on “Hardball” certainly didn’t help matters. People were e-mailing, “Check out Fineman’s hair!” and “What in the world is going on?”

We’ll tell you. Fineman finally acquiesced to higher forces and stopped dyeing his hair because, as his wife, Amy Nathan, has been overheard telling people, “I just said I’ve always wanted to sleep with a man with gray hair.” (Brilliant.)
I learned at a relatively young age that when the gray starts coming in, don't bother fighting it. Some women dig it. Plus, at least you still have hair.

As for Fineman, I had no idea since I don't read Newsweek or watch the low-rated MSNBC.

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