Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Want That Vacation To Mexico?

Maybe this is why Obama is fleeing to Canada. South of the border a very real civil war is brewing and now we have news of Mexican citizens turning on the Mexican Army, in effect throwing their support behind the drug cartels.

These incidents are not occurring way down country but right across the border from Texas. While we put Border Patrol agents for shooting drug smugglers in the butt and punish a ranch owner for detaining illegals until the proper authorities can arrive, a real conflict is being played out less then 5 miles from the border.

So what happens when it spills over and normal citizens resort to using their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves, their families and their property? Why isn't this getting more coverage in this country? How many people are going to stand around with mouths wide open when news of marauding bands inflict violence upon Americans?

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