Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Appeals Court Tosses Rather's Suit Against CBS

The disgraced former CBS news anchor has finally been given the heave-ho by an appeals court today. Hopefully now he'll slither off into obscurity.
Bad news for Dan Rather: His $70 million lawsuit against CBS is no more.

In a 19-page decision made public Tuesday, a state appeals court dismissed the legendary newsman's suit against CBS.

Rather, 77, sued the Tiffany network in 2007 after his career at CBS collapsed in the wake of a "60 Minutes II" report about former President George W.Bush's Vietnam-era military service.

The folksy newsman accused CBS executives of caving to Republican interests, coercing him into a public apology after the controversial report aired in September 2004.

The report claimed "high-level political influence" kept Bush out of combat by securing him a cushy spot in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.

As recently as Sept. 21, lawyers for Rather said he would be vindicated and that Bush's military service would be proven to be a sham.
Rather is fortunate he and his odious producer, Mary Mapes, were never prosecuted for their perfidy.

Oddly enough, Rather still manages to draw a paycheck today from the obscure HDNet, owned by Mark Cuban.

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