Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman ... Because She Wouldn't Let Me'

You can already hear the excuses coming from Bill Clinton in reaction to this book.
Monica Lewinsky may not always have been the intern most likely to succeed when it came to catching Bubba's wandering eye in the White House.

So says former political staffer Stacy Parker Aab, who claims she had her own close call, sexually, with the President in the new HarperCollins book "Government Girl: Young and Female in the White House," slated for a January release.

During a trip to Okinawa, Japan, for the G8 Summit in 2000, Parker Aab, who was then 26, claims Bill Clinton summoned her to his hotel room, escorted her onto the balcony and gave her a hug that she says lingered just a little too long to be paternal. As the only girl in a boys’ club, the young aide writes that she was terrified of where the hug might lead, but managed to maintain her composure as Clinton said he’d always admired her.

Bubba wasn’t the only reportedly touchy-feely guy Parker Aab encountered in the White House. She insists that Clinton pal and adviser Vernon Jordan kissed her not once but twice while he was married.

The author saw Jordan — who famously and controversially helped the disgraced Lewinsky when she left the White House — as a mentor, and was only too happy to accept his offer of a dinner date.

They dined at an expensive restaurant in the Georgetown area, and when it was time to say goodnight, Parker Aab claims Jordan gave her a kiss on the lips. He repeated the move at a later date, while also inappropriately telling her she should always wear pantyhose, she says.

In the memoir, Parker Aab says she did nothing to garner such attention by her male superiors.

Other women, though, were not so demure when it came to crushing on the commander-in-chief. Parker Aab writes that Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg’s wife, was not immune to Clinton’s allure.

She recounts a visit to the Spielbergs’ Hamptons home on Georgica Pond, when Capshaw decided to greet the presidential motorcade in her bathing suit.

Shocked that no one seemed to mind the fashion faux pas but herself, Parker Aab writes: “To [Hillary] Clinton, Ms. Capshaw might have just been another woman showing off her best bits to the President. Mrs. Clinton had seen this scene before."
Aab was once an assistant to The Forehead, Paul Begala. It will be interesting to see the reaction from Begala and the rest of the Clinton apologists.

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