Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From Alabamistan To Somalia

But, Brooks said, "things changed a bit when he converted because his beliefs changed."

Funny how that happens with converts to Islam. The person in the background of this picture is Omar Hammami now known as Abu Mansour al-Amriki. The picture is a screen shot from a video recently released showing Al Queda fighters training in Somalia.

Omar grew up in Daphne, Alabama in family with a mother who was Baptist and a father who was Muslim. He converted to Islam in high school, went to college for a little while and then headed to Canada and as we see now is in Somalia training terrorists.

Guys like this have got to cause liberals all kinds of heartburn, after all he ain't nuttin' but some knuckle dragging, southern redneck, clinging to his guns and his bible Koran. If he winds up in Gitmo the ACLU will no doubt rush to his rescue and we will be besieged with feel good stories about how he is just a wayward youth who weren't doing nuttin' wrong.

Hopefully he will be the subject of interest of a cruise missile or maybe target practice for a Navy SEAL team.

BTW anyone heard from Adam Gadahn lately, the California flower child who went to Afghanistan to act as an interpreter for Zawahiri?

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