Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Art Exhibit to Feature Nude Photo of 10-Year-Old Brooke Shields, Roman Polanski Reportedly Very Excited

I guess the great unwashed masses out there, myself included, just don't grasp the concept that nude photos of little girls are considered art. We've got to get with the program, our cultural superiors warn us.
An exhibition at the Tate Modern will feature a photograph of a nude ten-year-old Brooke Shields alongside sexually explicit pop art - a decision akin to rolling out a welcome mat for perverts, outraged critics charge.

The inclusion of Richard Price's 1983 work 'Spiritual America' in the internationally-renowned London museum's exhibit "Pop Life, Art In A Material World," opening Thursday, has sparked the ire of both children's advocates and religious groups, London's Daily Mail reports.

"Putting a sign on the door like that means every pedophile in the land will head straight to that room," said Michele Elliott, founder of a children's charity called Kidscape, who has joined a chorus of voices calling for the exhibit's removal.

Price's 1983 image is actually a picture of an image taken in 1975 by artist Gary Cross. In it, a nude ten-year-old Brooke Shields, heavily made-up, stands in a bath staring at the camera.
Hollywood, meanwhile, rushes to defend a child rapist. And they like to lecture us about morality. Even HufPosters are finding this incredibly distasteful.

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