Saturday, September 26, 2009

'The Verbal Exchange Didn't Go Well'

If you're ever inclined to do a little karaoke singing and you see this lovely crew in the audience, think long and hard about it. These charming ladies have very delicate ears and you might not want to offend them.
Talk about a hit song.

Six Connecticut women are facing assault charges for attacking a Westchester County woman for her amateurish karaoke performance at a bar, police said Friday.

Leidy Alcantara, 25, was singing "A Dios Le Pido" by Colombian superstar Juanes on Wednesday night when suspect Kiana Strickland, 20, began heckling her, cops said.

"I was singing the song in Spanish, and some girl said I was very annoying," Alcantara told the Daily News.

"I didn't know she was talking to me, and I said, 'Excuse me, are you talking to me?'"

"'Yeah, you're very annoying,'" Alcantara quoted Strickland as saying.

"Then she said something else and punched me in my face," Alcantara said.

Stamford Police Lt. Sean Cooney said, "The verbal exchange didn't go well."

Strickland slapped Alcantara, and then her five friends joined in, kicking, punching and pulling Alcantara's hair, police said.

"I was covering my face on the floor, crying, feeling all the punching and kicking," Alcantara said. "I felt the pain all over my body."

Alcantara's husband and a bartender and customers at Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery Cafe pulled off the women and called police, she said.

Alcantara was treated for bruises and a chipped tooth and was released from Stamford Hospital, police said.

"That was my first time doing karaoke. I'm a shy person," Alcantara said.

"I don't know if I was good or bad. I was a little confused. I didn't really know the song. But nobody was complaining. Everybody was happy. She was the only one. She was crazy," Alcantara said of Strickland.

All six women - two 20-year-olds and four 19-year-olds from Stamford and Norwalk - were charged with misdemeanor assault, conspiracy to commit assault and breach of peace.
Since the victim has a much lighter complexion than the perps, we should expect them to be charged with a hate crime, of course? Oh wait, that only works the other way around. Sorry. That's raaaaacist of me to even think.

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