Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parts of Georgia Under Water, Obama Yuks It Up With Failed Comedian and Plays Basketball

It's over four years since Hurricane Katrina and the left is still whining about George W. Bush and FEMA.

Yet as Just a Grunt noted this morning, parts of Georgia have been hit by massive flooding with at least six people killed by surging water.

Barack Obama showed his deep concern for the citizens of Georgia by cracking some lame jokes with the gap-toothed moron last night and playing basketball today.

I searched around and can't find a single comment about the plight of the folks in Georgia, although the governor said he plans to ask him to declare a state of emergency.

Not a peep from FEMA.

Just imagine the howls of indignation if a blue state was under water and Bush was appearing on chat shows and playing golf.

To paraphrase Kanye West, Obama must hate the people of Georgia.

Update: Scott from Atlanta sends this along.

Killgore Trout just emailed to say it's racist.

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