Sunday, September 27, 2009

'In Politics, You Have to Stand Out'

What better way to stand out than raffling off an AK-47? You think Joe Wilson and Mark Sanford have brought enough attention to to South Carolina in recent months? Well, meet Dean Allen. I can imagine more than a few mushy anti-gun types will be getting all wee-wee'd up over this.
They crowded into a shooting range on Poinsett Highway on a day when heavy rains might have kept them home, itching for a shot at winning an AK-47 rifle - or at least shoot something that spit out a lot of lead.

Approximately 500 people showed up Saturday, some paying $25 for barbecue and ammo to take target practice with the weapon of their choice. The sweepstakes for the assault rifle, the type used against U.S. troops in Vietnam, was included at no charge.

The event marked the kickoff of Dean Allen's candidacy for state adjutant general. Allen, 58, of Greenville, said the "machine gun social" was his way of celebrating the second amendment and showing solidarity against gun-rights opponents.

And he's hoping it might win him a few votes.

"In politics, you have to stand out," he said. "If you stand out in something, you're going to get a little more attention."

Many came up to Allen to express their support. Allen, dressed in a blue blazer, gray slacks and a red, white and blue tie, said he is an Army veteran who served two tours in Vietnam.

Lisa Flaugher of Pickens said she came to the event at the Allen Arms Indoor Shooting Range to support Allen and try to win the AK-47.

"I want the gun for target practice," she said.

The shooting range is owned by Frank Allen, who is not related to the candidate.

South Carolina is the only state that elects its adjutant general, who administers the Army and Air National Guard, the State Guard and the Emergency Management Division. Incumbent Adjutant General Stan Spears, a Republican, hasn't said whether he will seek another term.

Allen said he served six years in the State Guard, but resigned in April in case Spears does run. Allen didn't like the idea of running against his top commander, he said.
If anything, Allen has a dry sense of humor.
"I like to tell people I'm not the country club conservative, Allen said. "I'm the machine gun one."
I like this guy.

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