Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UN Fires Obama's Envoy To Afghanistan

This story is just full of irony and twists and turns that are only possible in the world of diplomats.

First the cast of characters.

Peter Galbraith, the UN's second in command in Afghanistan. He got the job at the insistence of the newly elected Barack Obama in light of strong opposition from the UN.

Ban Ki Moon, current head of the UN.

Kai Eide, a Norwegian who vehemently opposed the appointment of Mr Galbraith, and who was his boss in Afghanistan.

Throw in a dose of Richard Holbrooke and a controversial election and pure comedy ensues.

Mr. Galbraith just either quit or got fired from his posting in Afghanistan because he wanted the UN to put a more visible voice to the recent election and the irregularities that were reported. Mr. Moon and Mr. Eide told him to shut up. This has all the hallmarks of another UN scandal; not for the firing, but rather for what sort of backroom deals are going on at the UN that they would not more attention brought to the allegations of election fraud in Afghanistan.

Oh, don't think Galbraith is all that much of a knight in shining armor. In 2007, he authored a book entitled The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created A War Without End. Galbraith's solution? Partitioning the country into three parts, also known as the Biden Plan. Ironically, he was one of the very same people who led the charge to depose Saddam Hussein.
I supported President Bush's decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein. At Wolfowitz's request, I helped advance the case for war, drawing on my work in previous years in documenting Saddam's atrocities, including the use of chemical weapons on the Kurds. In spite of the chaos that followed the war, I am sure that Iraq is better off without Saddam Hussein.
At the time of his appointment back in March the Times Online had this to say.
Peter Galbraith, son of the late economist J.K. Galbraith, became the UN's second-in-command in Afghanistan, despite the protests from the man who will now be his boss. The appointment strengthens US influence over the UN operation in Afghanistan as the Obama Administration is about to reveal its new strategy to win the war against the resurgent Taleban.
As far as the title of ambassador, that didn't go so well either.
He served as US Ambassador in Croatia from 1993 to 1998 while Mr Holbrooke was brokering the peace in the Balkan wars. He became embroiled in controversy over his role in alleged US complicity in Iranian arms shipments to Croatia and Bosnia, in violation of UN sanctions.
So back in March when Barry O was dedicated to winning in Afghanistan he appointed this guy at the same time he was removing Christopher Hill from Korea and reassigning him to Iraq, because after all he did such a wonderful job with North Korea; people who might have been asking questions were so deep into Obama worship that moves that would have struck many people as being designed to purposely lose the wars we were engaged in simply flew under the radar.

I feel Galbraith was standing up for the right thing in advocating for an investigation into the election process in Afghanistan, but I wonder what he thinks of ACORN and their role in electing our president?

Don't you just sleep better at night knowing the Barry O international team is on the job now?

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