Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remember That 'Christian Terror Drill' in New Jersey?

When the story about the kindergarten children in Burlington, NJ, being forced to sing praises to Dear Leader Obama broke this week, you figured this must be some isolated incident.

I had forgotten this outrage from 2007.
The Burlington Township High School in New Jersey along with the local police and fire departments are taking heat for a fake hostage drill conducted on school grounds last month.

The drill, aimed at testing the reactions of faculty and first responders during a simulated attack, included an imaginary scenario that has some Christians up in arms.

During the simulation, two mock gunmen from a fake right-wing fundamentalist group called the "New Crusaders" — a group that does not believe in the separation of church and state — stormed the school. The idea was that they were angry that one of their daughters was expelled for praying before class.

Nobody from the school, including from the superintendent's office or the police department, was willing to talk about the drill on camera, but the township issued a statement saying the chosen scenario was never intended to offend any group and was meant to be generic in nature.

"The term 'Christian' was not included in the scenario. It was believed that all groups pray and prayer in school is a universal issue," reads the statement from the school.
Anything ring a bell there? Oh yes it does.

It's the same school district.

Hmmm. I sense a troubling pattern of leftist indoctrination here, mmm mmm mmm.

H/T to a Fox and Friends report this morning.

Just imagine if some kids praised George Bush in song and also the same district conducted terror fire drill involving leftwing anarchists or Muslim terrorists. You suppose there would be silence from the left? I didn't think so.

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