Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Desperate Dems Still Running Against Bush: 'It Will Be a Failed Strategy'

Well, it's not as if they have any accomplishments of Obama's to point to and considering how they're losing both of these races, is it any surprise they're going back to the bash Bush playbook?

Sure, it reeks of desperation, but what else have they got?
Facing the increasing likelihood of losses in the 2010 midterm congressional and gubernatorial elections, President Obama and his fellow Democrats are returning to a tried-and-true campaign strategy — run against former President George W. Bush.

In speech after speech since taking office, Mr. Obama has pointed back to the problems he inherited from the Bush administration when he took office. And earlier this month, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine catalogued a slew of perceived Bush failures to the delight of supporters.

Already, Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey are testing the strategy — so far, however, unsuccessfully.

"It will be a failed strategy," said Karl Rove, former senior political adviser to Mr. Bush. "They have been doing that very intentionally in New Jersey and Virginia thus far, and both their candidates are behind."
As a New Jersey resident I cannot come up with a single significant accomplishment of Jon Corzine's outside of surviving his stint as a crash-test dummy a couple of years ago.

Corzine is already playing the abortion card, a tried-and-true staple in New Jersey, along with bashing gun owners. I expect those ads to be rolled out before long.

He has nothing else.

Joe Biden admitted yesterday it's game over if they lose big in 2010.

They're running scared.

Cue up the Democrat theme song:

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