Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honduras, Alone Against The World

President of Honduras Roberto Micheletti
By now everybody should be aware of what is happening in Honduras and the despicable actions of our government in regards to the situation. While this administration is bending themselves into pretzels to appease Holocaust-denying dictators, they have joined what appears to be the rest of the world in condemning Honduras for enforcing their constitution.

Reuters is still characterizing the removal of the former president as coup, if your definition of a coup involves the Supreme Court of your country ruling that actions taken by the president as being unlawful and issuing a subpoena for your arrest to stand trial in a court of law to explain your actions.
Zelaya slipped back into Honduras on Monday, ending almost three months of exile after he was toppled in the coup and bringing the world's attention to his cause again.
This though appears to be just further proof of how far left our executive branch has moved. In addition to their attempt to apologize to every country on the planet, they are also very eager to hang out with all of the cool kids and getting a group hug on the international stage. Caesar got hugged too.
The United States, European Union and Organization of American States have urged dialogue to bring Zelaya back to office.
Brazil and Venezuela called at the United Nations for Zelaya, a former rancher and timber magnate who took office in 2006, to be returned to power. Concerned about the rising tension in Honduras, the United Nations suspended assistance in preparing the presidential election set for November.
For more of the details of the ongoing situation and for all things related to Latin America I recommend reading Fausta Wertz's blog.

Gateway Pundit has also done a good job of keeping updated on the ongoing snubbing by the United States to Honduras also.

Reuters also likes to paint the picture of former president Zelaya having to flee in the night in his pajamas as soldiers forced him to run. These soldiers were armed with a subpoena and there was no need for this friend of Hugo Chavez to escape out the back door. There is no doubt they would have afforded him the benefit of getting clothed and would have escorted him down to wherever they were going to formally charge him. All of this reporting to try and make this socialist who was trying to undermine the constitution of his country as some sort of wrongly persecuted hero figure is also one of the biggest examples of hypocrisy exhibited by our State Department, under the guidance of Hillary Clinton, but who no doubt take their marching orders from the president, who have proven time and time again that there is no socialist regime on the planet that they do not endorse.

Reuters even refers to the current president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, as the de-facto leader. Get over it guys. He is the president as authorized by their laws and their constitution.

UPDATE: This story just gets better and better. Via Hot Air Zelaya now claims the Israeli's are trying to kill him with some sort mind ray.

There is, however, one disturbing aspect to this whole story and that involves our intelligence gathering agencies. Did they not have a psychological profile of this guy and if they did, what was their assessment? Did they share the information with the State Department? Was their assessment wrong or was it ignored?

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