Friday, February 06, 2009

Bristol Palin Derangement Syndrome, Continued

We figured after Bristol Palin gave birth this nutcase would finally let go and just return to his role as public laughingstock while trying not to draw so much attention to his mental illness.

But no.
I've given up counting, but I should note that none of her defenders on the right have really dealt with the documented fact of her repeated self-refutations and delusional assertions of "facts" that are indisputably non-facts. Her unstable grip on reality, taken for granted in Alaska, is the reason many of us simply do not believe a word she says unless we have actual evidence for it.
[Correction: I should have read the full Esquire excerpt rather than the Courant summary of it. In the actual interview, she gives all three reasons for Bristol's name. So no contradiction. My bad.]

While I'll give Palin a pass and figure she's just embellishing, likely just goofing on the relation to Bristol, CT, it's not quite in the league of total fabrications like Hillary Clinton claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who scaled Mount Everest years after she was born.

As for Sullivan, he really needs treatment for his Bristol obsession. Apparently he has been too obsessed with Trig and the Palin uteruses to recall that Sarah Palin actually did spend time as a sports broadcaster when she was out of college and was a high school basketball player in 1979, when ESPN launched. I'm not sure where Sullivan was 30 years ago, and frankly, I'm not interested.

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