Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gallup Survey As Greatest President Ever: Ronald Reagan

I figure in another month the Obamatons will have this rigged, so let's enjoy the results while we can.
Less than a month into Barack Obama's presidency, Obama's desire to emulate Abraham Lincoln can be found in his speeches, his bipartisan gestures, and his "team of rivals" approach to picking a cabinet. But Lincoln is not matchless as Americans' pick for the nation's greatest president. Given a list of five presidents to choose from, Americans are as likely to name John Kennedy as Lincoln (22% each), while 24% choose Ronald Reagan.
Honestly, I can't figure what JFK did to merit being equal with Lincoln. And what's this nonsense about Obama's bipartisan gestures? What, like telling the GOP "I won"?

At least it will be enjoyable to see heads popping over Ronald Reagan getting the largest percentage of votes.

H/T Hot Air headlines.

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