Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moronic Convergence: Olbermann Snags Latest Celebrity Obamaton Interview

An incoherent Edward R. Murrow wannabe lobbing softballs at national embarrassment Julio Osegueda, a subliterate moron who's apparently been working at McDonald's since ninth grade. Olbermann actually fawns over this idiot.
OLBERMANN: And from Ft. Myers, we‘re now joined by 19-year-old Julio Osegueda. Welcome to the show, Julio.

OSEGUEDA: Thank you so much. This is definitely a blessing and true honor to be part of your show.

OLBERMANN: Were you satisfied with the president‘s actual answer to your question about improving your benefits?

OSEGUEDA: Yes, I was. I was truly blessed. The answer that Mr. President Obama gave me was such a motivation that made me feel as if success is around the corner. Just keep trying hard and don‘t stop for anything.

OLBERMANN: In point of fact, there‘s some late-breaking news on that front, isn‘t there? You just picked up a broadcasting gig on the basis of this town hall today?

OSEGUEDA: Yes. I‘ve actually gotten an internship offer and I‘ve also got an offer for the local Ft. Myers Miracle Baseball Team, to be able to broadcast the first home opening game for the season on April 10th. And I was shocked to hear that. I just blew up.

OLBERMANN: So this is—obviously, the stimulus package has already worked pretty well for you. What do you think? Why do you think the president picked you out of that crowd?

OSEGUEDA: Because—well, I mean, I definitely feel bad. Other people tried to be picked as well. But I just like jumped. I got up on my chair. I jumped and I screamed, and I said, Mr. President, pick me, pick me, pick me. I like screamed.

OLBERMANN: Now, there was a report that said you were trying to sell a ticket to the town hall on your Facebook page before the town hall took place. Is that true?

OSEGUEDA: Well, at first I had the idea of doing so. But after watching the news and hearing people getting in trouble for it, I ended up changing my mind. And I wrote down—made a list of all of the people that I would be willing to give the ticket to. And I narrowed it down to one person, and that one person I gave them the ticket, and gladly, they were part of the event. And I‘m glad I avoided doing the wrong thing.

OLBERMANN: If—to get into—this heavily into the media all of a sudden out of nowhere—none of this happened as of this morning. It‘s all in one giant fell swoop, as they say. Most guys your age would have to end up auditioning for “American Idol” to get this kind of instant fame. At any point did you see—obviously talking to this man, talking to the president of the United States, any president of the United States has to be a great thrill by itself. But when did it dawn on you that that was going to be on TV and everybody was going to want to ask you about it afterwards?

OSEGUEDA: Well, it was actually shocking. I mean, the minute I walked out the door, everybody started scrambling me and asking me questions, asking me my name and all kinds of things. It was just so like honored. I was so honored. I just loved it. It was truly amazing. And I really appreciate, you know, President Obama taking time out of his life to come down to near where I live and be able to answer my question.

OLBERMANN: Now it‘s on to the Ft. Myers Miracle. Do you know a lot about baseball?

OSEGUEDA: Honestly, I‘m not a die-hard baseball fan. But I will tell you one thing, I am a Yankees fan, because I‘m from Manhattan, New York. And I have a whole bunch of Yankee collector items and memorabilia. So I like it. but I‘m not into it as much. I wouldn‘t watch, you know, a regular game. I would only watch the game if it was like Yankees versus Red Sox, a game worth watching.

OLBERMANN: Well, you got about two months to work on your Ft. Myers Miracle knowledge. I would say get to work on that. Julio Osegueda—

OSEGUEDA: I definitely will.

OLBERMANN: -- of Edison State College and McDonald‘s and now the announcer for the Ft. Myers Miracle. Big day. I hope you have many more of them, my friend. Thank you.

OSEGUEDA: Thank you so much. It‘s a true blessing to be part of your show. May the lord bless you.

OLBERMANN: Thank you, sir.
Apparently Olbermann isn't bright enough to ask how as a 19-year-old he's been working at McDonald's for four-and-a-half years. That would be too messy, I guess.

Update: Who knew stupidity was in such high demand?
“I definitely, at first, had a lot of negative thoughts going into the future, but hearing from the president myself, I am not going to stop what I am doing,” Osegueda said.

“I have never felt this good except maybe when I got my Playstation3 for Christmas.”
Then came his interviews with CNN, other networks and local TV stations.

“I couldn’t believe it,” his mother, Sarah, said. “He worked really hard at that. He is like that, he doesn’t plan, he just does it.”
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