Thursday, June 25, 2009

'Absolutely, People Are Afraid of It'

He's got nothing to offer but fear itself.
President Obama conceded Americans are queasy about his health care reforms, but he tried to reassure people in a prime-time TV house call that the changes will cure many of the system's ills.

"Absolutely, people are afraid of it," Obama said Wednesday night during the one-hour ABC special from the White House. "They know they're living with the Devil, but the Devil they know they think may be better than the Devil they don't."

In fact, an ABC News/Washington Post poll done for the broadcast found that fear may be the biggest stumbling block Obama faces with the public - with eight of 10 people worrying proposed changes will cause a turn for the worse.
Yeah, and since 90% of the public is satisfied with their health care, let's just blow the whole thing up and ram through a multitrillion-dollar scam.


By the way, get ready for the tax hike to pay for this.

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