Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sullivan: MSM Should Die Because They Won't Go Trig Troofer

The slow unraveling of Andrew Sullivan continues. You'd think the guy might figure out why nobody in the mainstream media wants to join him on his insane quest to determine somehow that Sarah Palin isn't the mother of her son Trig.
As I have said all along, I do not know what happened and the benefit of the doubt should go to Palin in the absence of actual journalism being committed. But the more her pregnancy with Trig becomes a campaign platform, a serious inquiry into exactly what happened in those few surreal days - days and decisions that she has made public and that reflect vital questions about her character and judgment - remains on the shelf of media deference. And the key witnesses who could verify it all - Palin herself, her husband, her doctor - still refuse to even take questions on the most bizarre series of events in Palin's entire life.

I believed then and I believe now that the MSM is too concerened with their own reputations and too deferent to power to even ask the questions. Which is another betrayal of their core purpose. And why they are dying. And deserve to.
Sullivan is in the midst of career suicide yet still remains undaunted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dee Dee Myers authors the latest hit piece on Palin.

These people really do fear her.

Here's a little something for Crazy Andy to think about (via Ace). Amazing how quickly she shed that baby fat, huh?

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