Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'I Have No Remorse Whatsoever'

Nothing more amusing than to see this Communist SOB get scammed.
Fidel Castro, the former Cuban president, isn't the only member of his family who likes to express himself online. The BBC is reporting that a Cuban exile blogger from Miami says he used a female Internet alter ego to gain access to Antonio, the 40-year-old son of Castro.

Luis Dominguez said he used the character to begin an online relationship with Antonio. Capitalizing on the younger Castro's purported interest in young women and sports, Dominguez says he snared Antonio Castro by posing as a 27-year-old female Colombian sports journalist named Claudia.

Dominguez refused to apologize for the deception, saying he wanted to show the "opulent lifestyles" of the Castros.

"I'm a Cuban and I'm a Cuban American and I have not been able to go back to my country since 1971 when I left.

"I use whatever tools I have to be able to get back at these people. In Cuba people are put in prison for no reason at all. Their rights are violated ... So, why can't I do the same thing to them? I have no remorse whatsoever," he told the BBC.
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Antonio Castro Soto del Valle, a 42-year-old orthopedic surgeon and the Cuban national baseball team's doctor, broke security protocol in boastful e-mails to what he thought was a 26-year-old Colombian named Claudia whom he'd met on a dating Web site. Using his Yahoo account, he gave away his home address, phone, travel plans -- and even the times he moved unprotected by bodyguards.

But Claudia was really Luis Dominguez, a Cuban-born security consultant -- and he revealed the hoax on the Miami Spanish-language TV program "A Mano Limpia."

The broadcast revealed that Antonio Castro hasn't quite embraced communist asceticism, as he bragged of designer clothes, world travel, and weekends at the beach.

At one point, he wrote Claudia of his desire to "kiss you, love you and make love to you."

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