Saturday, June 27, 2009

Classy French Weigh In On Jackson

Looks like the French are seeking to give Perez Hilton a run for his money to see who can hit rock bottom the fastest.
A FRENCH newspaper has branded Michael Jackson a "mutant" whose music was "kitsch".

A number of columnists have dug the daggers in deep with some calling Jackson "the icon of our disturbing modernity".

"Neither monster nor extraterrestrial," Michael Jackson was a "mutant" according to Gerard Lefort writing in the daily newspaper Liberation on Saturday.

For Herve Cannet of the La Nouvelle Republique Jackson was "neither black nor white; neither old nor young; neither child nor adult; neither man nor woman" but rather a "sort of androgynous imp".

Philippe Waucampt wrote in the Republicain Lorraine newspaper that the "little Afro-American became a sort of alien between white and black, between young and old, as unclassifiable, universal and kitsch as his music."

For Francis Broche of Le Progres daily, Jackson may have been an icon, "but an icon for our times, the head of planetary promotion."

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