Thursday, June 25, 2009

ObamaCare Infomercial Crushed in Ratings

Looks like the bloom is off the rose. The most overexposed president in history apparently is losing his drawing power. It's pretty much buried in this item. No doubt if this informercial sham on ABC won the hour it would be headline news.
The "Got Talent" lead-in helped NBC's new drama "The Philanthropist," 4.8/8, get off to a decent start at 10, winning the hour in viewers and adults 18-49 despite a slightly higher household number for "CSI: NY," 4.9/8, on CBS. An ABC News special with President Obama drew a 3.1/6.
Update: Hot Air links. Thanks!

By the way, it should be noted for clarification the Fox affiliates air news at 10 pm, so they aren't listed in the ratings. Bottom line: Obama got smoked by both NBC and CBS.

I hope ABC is happy they sold their credibility for lousy ratings.

Update: More here.
President Obama's town hall meeting on health care delivered a sickly rating Wednesday evening.

The one-hour ABC News special "Primetime: Questions for the President: Prescription for America" (4.7 million viewers, 1.1 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) had the fewest viewers in the 10 p.m. hour. The special tied some 8 p.m. comedy repeats as the lowest-rated program on a major broadcast network.
The only comedy it probably beat was Keith Olbermann.

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