Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CNN Notices Media Outnumber Protesters

So some folks turned out in Manhattan last night to protest David Letterman. A small crowd, apparently. Though we find it a bit amusing that CNN has finally noticed that quite often the media outnumbers the protesters.
A protest rally against David Letterman over a failed joke about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughter attracted more members of the media than protesters Tuesday afternoon.

A crowd of 15 protesters upset with the late night comic held signs and occasionally shouted as they stood across the street from Letterman's studio.

But they were often hidden from view by the more than 35 members of the media there to cover the protest, and out-shouted by a few very vocal counter-protesters.
It's fair of CNN to point this out.

But why haven't they ever noted the sparse gatherings whenever Al Sharpton and his rented mobs are outnumbered by media?

What about all those massive gatherings of media to listen to Cindy Sheehan and a couple of whiners?

Just a couple of months ago an organized mob toured the homes of AIG executives and were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the media.

Where was CNN then? Oh, they were part of the media mob.

Just recently 600 people showed up to protest Nancy Pelosi in Houston. Why wasn't CNN there?

It's like the Tea Party protests. CNN will only show up if they can make the protesters look bad. Otherwise they're not interested. This report is simply a jab at Sarah Palin, trying to make it show as if she doesn't have any support.

I bet if 10,000 people showed up to support her they'd probably find the time to be somewhere else.

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