Monday, June 22, 2009

ESPN: All Obama, All the Time

You can't even tune in to a sports network to avoid the ubiquitous presence of Barack Obama. For several months now ESPN has been gushing over Obama making NCAA picks and more recently relentlessly "reported" that Obama liked the Lakers in six over the Magic. Funny, but I missed the update on that after LA won in five.

Anyway, with Iran in turmoil and the North Koreans threatening to light up his home state for the Fourth of July, ESPN today announced Obama's sports viewing for next June.
U.S. President Barack Obama has accepted an invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup finals in South Africa next year, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Monday.

President Obama, whose late father was Kenyan, has indicated he will attend the event on June 11 next year when the first World Cup to be staged on African soil begins.

Blatter told a media briefing: "The World Cup in Africa will go well, there is no doubt.
Of course ESPN is owned by ABC, which is now owned by the White House, so I guess if you like tuning in there but can't stand Obama, it might be time to find alternate viewing.

The way things are going, a year from now it'll probably be a good idea if Obama leaves the country.

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