Friday, June 26, 2009

NY Dem: Paterson a 'Coke Snorting, Staff-Banging Governor'

Let me tell you, nobody quite brings the comedy like New York Democrats. Could you imagine the reaction if a Republican said something like this about David Paterson?
Albany's dysfunctional follies veered further into the inane on Thursday: Gov. Paterson cut off some Senate pay, a lawmaker branded the governor a "coke snorting" womanizer and the Senate - once again - accomplished nothing.

The only sign of progress in ending the impasse that began June 8 with a Republican-led coup was that warring senators agreed not to battle for the gavel.

Democrats and Republicans held short, separate sessions in which they did no business. Sources hinted that a deal may be near - but there were no details.

Among the day's lowlights:

- Paterson ordered that the per diems and travel expenses paid to do-nothing senators be withheld.

- Democrats blasted the governor for keeping them in Albany day after day and hot-headed Sen. Kevin Parker called Paterson a "coke snorting, staff-banging governor." Paterson has admitted youthful drug use and several extra-marital affairs.
Parker isn't one to talk.
Parker, who is under indictment for felony assault, said lawmakers don't need a "coke snorting, staff-banging governor to lecture us about behavior in government."

He was unapologetic about the attack.

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