Monday, June 29, 2009

Shameless Israel Basher Gets Tenured at Columbia

It should come as no surprise that a school that so openly welcomed the madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a couple of years ago would tenure, undeservedly, to an open hater of Israel.

Compounding the insult, the folks at the esteemed Ivy League university went about their duplicity in hush-hush fashion, lest anyone know they're just fine with an anti-Semitic, anti-gay creep being tenured.

Just disgraceful.
JOSEPH Massad's scholarly contribution during his decade as a faculty member of Columbia University's Middle East Studies Department may be summed up as follows: Israel is racist, and homosexuality is an insidious Western invention.

Yet that was enough for Columbia, which officially -- if quietly -- awarded Massad tenure earlier this month.

Columbia's process for reviewing tenure candidates is as rigorous as any Ivy League school's. Ordinarily, an academic of Massad's caliber would be bounced from Morningside Heights. And in fact, the system did work -- it denied Massad tenure two years ago.

But now the school's academic standards have succumbed to ideological tensions and campus politics -- in what appears to be a remarkable manipulation of the tenure process and a breach of fiduciary trust.
Read on for an eye-opening look at Massad.

If fecklessness were an academic pursuit, Columbia President Lee Bollinger would be at the head of the class.


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