Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'I See Many People With Broken Arms, Legs, Heads — Blood Everywhere'

Since Obama said he'd be happy to "negotiate" with anybody in Iran, the monsters today decided to let him know just who he'll be pandering to.
Security forces wielding clubs and firing weapons beat back demonstrators who flocked to a Tehran square Wednesday to continue protests, with one witness saying security forces beat people like “animals.”

At least two trusted sources described wild and violent conditions at a part of Tehran where protesters had planned to demonstrate.

“They were waiting for us,” the source said. “They all have guns and riot uniforms. It was like a mouse trap.”

“I see many people with broken arms, legs, heads — blood everywhere — pepper gas like war,” the source said.

Around “500 thugs” with clubs came out of a mosque and attacked people in the square, another source said.

The security forces were “beating women madly” and “killing people like hell,” the source said.
How charming.

I wonder if there are any breaking developments tonight whether ABC will interrupt their ObamaCare infomercial?

Update: Here's a clip from CNN

Listening to the despair and pleas for help, does this help Obama along in his intense discussions over the Fourth of July BBQ?

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