Saturday, June 27, 2009

Republicans Pass Cap and Trade Legislation

Image courtesy, shamelessly lifted from Michelle

You read that right. Yesterday afternoon, just before 7 PM EST the House of Representatives voted on the Democrat crafted legislation that imposes the so called cap and trade language and thanks to 8 Republicans they were able to pass it. You can blame the Democrats for crafting this most invasive and sweeping government control of your life, but it is the Republicans who passed it. Without those eight votes the measure would have failed.

I was in a unique position yesterday, being able to work from home. Since all of the so called news channels were in all Michael Jackson all the time mode I put the TV on CSPAN and watched the debate all day long. For those that didn't watch and can't be bothered with what goes on in Washington by your elected officials you deserve exactly what you will get with this legislation if it manages to pass through the Senate. For those of us paying attention, unless this is stopped we will be punished right along with the lemmings.

If it does pass we will be easy to spot since we will all be gathering down at the local unemployment office. Beyond what it will do to our economy, at the end of the debate House GOP Leader John Boehner took to the floor and started reading from the 300 page amendment that the Democrats drafted and dropped on the legislatures at 3 AM, there was literally hundred of items to impose federal control over your life. Here are some highlights.

Want to replace a window? Not so fast. First you must pay for an appraisal of your house to measure its energy efficiency and receive calculations of both before and after the proposed change. Hey, it may be a great excuse for those guys trying to avoid putting in that big bay style window that the missus has been bugging you about.

Are you having a new house built? Back up, Skippy. This bill includes language that tells you exactly where you can put your electrical outlets.

Did you know that for one sort of appraisal service related to determining energy efficiency there is only one company you can use? Yup, it is right in there along with the name of the company. How is it that this one company managed to land the only contract to service 300 million Americans? Who is this company?

I wish I could answer those questions, but all of those provisions and more, Rep. Boehner went on for almost an hour citing them and still didn't get through the whole 300 pages, is not available. You see because of when the Democrats dropped this amendment at 3 AM the text of it is not available. So much for that transparency. The total bill runs on for more then 1500 pages and it controls every aspect of your life, from what type of car we will be able to produce and buy to what type of appliances you have in your house.

Under some of these provisions you won't be able to sell your house. Got your eyes and a quaint little place out the way and off the beaten path? Forget about it. By the time you went through the time and expense to get it up to the new code proposed in this legislation that little place in the woods will resemble something out the Jetsons.

So for those who were at work and getting ready for their weekend, and were simply tired of the wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson, you came just one more step closer to being less free today then you were yesterday. And by the way, Congress has blown town for a two-week vacation. It is hard work turning a Republic into a Socialist state. This must be stopped in the Senate.

My biggest fear now, however, is if the Republicans couldn't stop this, a bill that will throw hundreds of thousands if not millions out of work as the companies they work for go belly up or leave the country and imposed what amounts to a national homeowners association on all of us, what chance do they have of stopping the nationalized health care?

Michelle Malkin had a running commentary on all of the shenanigans that went on yesterday so go to her site if you want a blow-by-blow description of what went on yesterday from the Dems refusing to extend the debate time to their late night early morning document drops.

The other questions I have are what did these eight corruptocrats get in exchange for voting away our futures and the futures of our children? This bill goes far beyond trying to cripple the coal industry as many of the talking heads are still saying.

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