Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama Actually Notices Murder of Pro-Life Activist

Judging by the virtual media blackout of this story once the news cycle ended Friday, I figured we wouldn't ever hear about the murder of James Pouillon again. Of course had Pouillon been on the other side of the abortion debate there would be 24/7 coverage. Of course the agenda-driven media just can't bring themselves call call Pouillon pro-life, opting for anti-abortion.

I guess this means we can use the term anti-life now?

Still it took over 48 hours for Obama to notice and he and his crack staff managed to churn out all of two sentences.
President Barack Obama on Sunday condemned the killing of an anti-abortion activist in Michigan as activists and others gathered for vigil near the site where he was fatally shot.

Obama called last week's shooting of James Pouillon "deplorable" in a two-sentence statement.

"Whichever side of a public debate you're on, violence is never the right answer," Obama said in the statement.
Sure, tell that to Kenneth Gladney and to the guy who had his finger chewed off by a MoveOn maniac. Strangely enough, Obama was silent over those attacks.
Police say Pouillon, 63, was killed Friday morning while protesting across the street from a high school in Owosso, about 70 miles northwest of Detroit. Pouillon was in his usual spot holding a sign that pictured a chubby-cheeked baby with the word "LIFE" on one side and an image of an aborted fetus with the word "ABORTION" on the other.

Authorities allege Harlan Drake, 33, of Owosso pulled up to Pouillon in a truck and opened fire. Prosecutors say Pouillon's methods irritated Drake, particularly when used near the high school. Drake also is accused of killing a local business owner earlier that day.

Multicolored flowers, balloons and candles during Sunday's vigil marked the spot where Pouillon was shot. More than 200 people attended the vigil, standing in a circle as many carried the same sort of graphic signs he used.

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