Friday, September 18, 2009


Putin Hails U.S. Shield Move, Calls For More

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has welcomed a decision by the United States to scrap plans for a missile-defense shield but called on President Barack Obama to make further gestures to improve ties.
Get it. Barry? Kiss ass today, blowjob demanded for tomorrow.
Putin, Russia's most powerful politician who now serves as prime minister, said Washington's decision to scrap the antimissile plans of George W. Bush's administration was a correct and brave decision.

Moscow had argued that the missile-defense system was a serious threat to its security because the U.S. equipment could be used to neutralize Russia's vast nuclear deterrent. The issue was a key sticking point in U.S.-Russia relations.

Putin told an investment forum in the Black Sea resort of Sochi he now expected further steps from Washington including the complete removal of all trade restrictions and full U.S. backing for a joint bid by Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).

"The latest decisions by President Obama to cancel plans to build the third positioning region of the missile-defense system in Europe inspires hope and I do anticipate that this correct and brave decision will be followed by others," Putin said.

Putin said those decisions should include "the complete removal of all restrictions on cooperation with Russia" and the transfer of high technology, as well as U.S. support for the joint bid by Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus to join the WTO
Of course Putie wants unencumbered transfers of high technology. A generation or so behind the civilized world, little Vladi needs all the help he can get.

See the rest at RFE/RL

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