Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surprise! Jimmy Carter on bin Laden's Reading List

This reminds me of when the feds raided the Unabomber's hovel in Montana they found a highlighted version of Al Gore's Earth in the Balance, a very inconvenient truth quickly hushed up by the liberal media. Oh, if we only had blogs back then, the fun we could have had.

Anyway, it should come as no shock that the world's No. 1 terrorist finds solace and comfort in the incoherent ramblings of the disgraced failed former president Jimmy Carter, among other rank anti-semitic creeps like Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer.
On the list:

1. “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” by Stephen M. Walt, a professor of international affairs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and John J. Mearsheimer, a political scientist at the University of Chicago. Published in 2007, the book argues that uncritical American support for Israel, shaped by powerful lobbying organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, does grave harm to both American and Israeli interests. The voice on the tape gives the title of the book as “The Israeli Lobby in the United States,” according to the SITE translation.

The book develops themes first explored by the authors in an essay published in 2006 by the London Review of Books, which generated a strong reaction from some Jewish groups. Tony Judt defended the authors against charges of anti-Semitism on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times the following month. Later that year, The London Review hosted a panel discussion in New York on the questions raised by the essay. A complete transcript of that discussion and video of the the event are available online.

2. “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” in which former President Jimmy Carter gives his views about how best to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, and criticizes Israeli treatment of Palestinians in the territories. While the voice on the tape does not mention this book by name, it calls on Americans to “read what your former president, Carter, wrote regarding Israeli racism against our people in Palestine,” in a characterization of the book that goes beyond Mr. Carter’s own language.
Maybe Carter can update the jacket of the book noting such acclaim. I'm astonished this was even noted by the Times, although the rest of the antique media seems to have ignored this. Just imagine if bin Laden recommended a book by a conservative author.

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