Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'We're Just Community Organizers, Just Like the President Used To Be'

At the current rate of progress and considering the number of ACORN bombshell videos still to come, Obama may be fortunate to even get a job as a community organizer once his term is up, which hopefully (mercifully) comes January 20, 2013.
There is a chance the latest scandals will convince Democrats that Acorn is too toxic a political partner. And President Barack Obama, who once ran a voter-registration program for an Acorn partner (Project Vote) and then worked for Acorn as a lawyer on key cases, has every incentive to distance himself further from the organization.

Former Acorn board members tell me the group has always been confident it will be protected. After the Nevada voter-registration fraud indictment last May, Bonnie Greathouse, Acorn's chief organizer in the state, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that "we've had bad publicity before" and survived. "People always come forward to our defense. We're just community organizers, just like the president used to be."
I don't quite see too many people rallying to their defense today, but no doubt the Democrats and their persons of hench will do the dirty work behind the scenes. It's tough letting go of that cash cow and all those illicit votes, after all.

Big Government seems to be holding off on Part II of today's latest installment, but Hot Air has more of the clips via Fox.

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