Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Deadbeat Liberal?

When last seen, late night television non-entity George Lopez was endearing himself to America by calling Sarah Palin a bitch on his program in a weak rehash of lifted material.

Well, it appears Lopez may want to watch the name-calling, espcially since if this story is accurate we can start calling him a lowlife deadbeat.
George Lopez . . . deadbeat?

The highly paid host of TBS's "Lopez Tonight" has allegedly been welshing for more than a year and a half on $21,000 he owes to Joe Torre's Safe at Home Foundation, which helps battered women and their kids.
C'mon, George, it's for the children.
To nudge Lopez into paying, Scavino e-mailed him in December, offering to extend the membership through the 2009 season, but never received a reply.

"Several attempts by the foundation have been unsuccessful in getting the money," a source said. "I think Lopez made that bid just to show off in front of the crowd and to impress Donald Trump."
What is it with all these deadbeat Democrats?

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