Thursday, February 25, 2010

Proof That Illegals Voted in Latest Elections In Georgia

A local news station was able to finally prove that people ineligible to vote were indeed registered and allowed to vote in recent national elections in Georgia. This is something our former Secretary of State, now candidate for governor, Karen Handel, had pursued during her tenure as Secretary of State, only to be denied by the courts.

Our legislature passed a couple of different pieces of legislation designed to screen the voter roles at the behest of her office, only to have a court strike down the laws. A key piece of the reason that the courts turned the laws down is because southern states are still having to deal a particularly nasty piece of legislation, reminiscent of some of the draconian measures imposed on them during Reconstruction, known as the Voter Rights Act.

This news agency was able to do what the government was forbidden to do, which is to crosscheck a couple of different data sources to determine if any people were registered and then subsequently voted illegally. Let's be clear, not all of those who voted were in the country illegally--they may have been here on some sort of visa or work program; however, they were not citizens and therefore not allowed to vote.

The biggest contributor to this being allowed appears to be the Motor Voter legislation. These people were registered to vote while applying for a driver's license. It is still not clear who it was that encouraged and pushed these people to vote. Somebody had to actively seek them out and get them to the polls, as the testimony of one of the women who cast an illegal vote reveals.

The case once again points out the inefficiency of government, which in this case was severely hampered by the liberal attorneys and courts which aided and abetted if not the illegal activity, at the very least prevented the Secretary of State's office from investigating the matter.

Kudos to WSB for devoting the resources and time to getting the data and then poring over it to do all the crosschecking. A big pfffttt for still not allowing your videos to be embedded, forcing me to link to your site instead.

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