Friday, February 19, 2010

Only $15,000 For a Photo With Modern-Day Harry Truman

The fundraiser-in-chief would only allow only one photo of himself to be taken with the Dalai Lama yesterday (surprisingly, Obama isn't bowing), and he quickly ditched The Lama to head west to raise money for endangered Democrats.
Looking to galvanize Democrats, President Obama cast himself Thursday as a truth-teller in the Harry S. Truman mold, mocking Republicans who opposed his $787-billion economic stimulus package while claiming credit for delivering projects back home.

Speaking to about 2,400 people at a fundraising reception in Denver, Obama invoked a famous phrase from President Truman's come-from-behind bid to stay in the White House in 1948.

"A lot of these guys when it comes to the ribbon-cuttings for the projects, they show up," Obama told a packed concert hall. "They're holding up those big checks: 'Look what I did for you!'

"I'm not going to give 'em hell," the president continued. "I'm going to tell the truth and they'll think it's hell. That's what Harry Truman said."
Obama wouldn't know the truth if it hit him upside the head.

Those in attendance were actually able to get a photo of themselves with New Truman if they ponied up enough cash.
After leaving the concert hall, Obama went to a more exclusive fundraiser for Bennet at a local hotel, where people who had raised or paid $15,000 got a picture with the president.
Now while I can find no evidence Harry Truman ever uttered that line above, I do find a president who once uttered it.
You know, what Harry Truman actually said when somebody said, “Give ‘em hell, Harry,” he said, “I'm going to tell the truth -- they’ll think it’s hell.” So we’re just going to tell the truth about what’s going on in healthcare right now.
Funny, but maybe Obama is confusing Truman with someone else.
Biden: Remember what Harry Truman used to say. The crowd would yell, “giv’em hell, Harry.” And he’d say, “I’m not gonna to giv’em hell, I’m gonna tell them the truth, and they’re gonna think it’s HELL.”
When I think of this crew, another quote resonates more.
Howard Beale: We'll tell you anything you want to hear, we lie like hell.

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