Friday, February 19, 2010

Teabaggers Stage Racist Protest Complete With Torches and Pitchforks

Sorry, wrong again.
Carrying pitchforks and torches a group of labor unions and health care groups marched down Church Street in Hartford Tuesday night to let the state’s largest business lobby know that they want health care reform.

This protest in CT was in support of the single payer type plans being pushed by the liberals as the be all and end all to health care reform. Like everything else that liberals latched onto as a crusade, facts don't matter and listening to reasoned arguments from a differing point of view are to be ignored in favor of incessantly repeating whatever the phrase of the day is. Most liberals have not a clue how a mythical single payer, government backed health insurance option is supposed to magically transform health care in this country into some sort of utopian paradise for all Americans.

No, it is merely enough to have a cause and to continue to throw yourself on the spike sticks of common sense and rational thinking until those spears become so cluttered with the rotting corpses that they no longer serve as an effective defense.

You know like they did with global warming. The problem is the closer the people in the back of the mob get to the front and it now becomes their turn to hurl themselves upon the pointy end of the spear the cause becomes less attractive.

The insurance companies are being made out to be the boogey man in this recent round of misplaced rage by the progressives, which makes me wonder how Obama is going to create or save jobs when he continues to allow attacks on so many sectors of the economy designed to eliminate jobs.

Lately Wellpoint, which is actually a merger of the Anthem and Wellpoint insurance companies, and administers the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan in 15 states has come under fire for a proposed rate increase in CA.

Here is something to mull over on that. What if Wellpoint just decides that, you know what, this ain't worth the headache, so we are closing up shop in CA and moving on? Somebody else can take over the Blue Cross brand.

Folks, our current system of health insurance administration has some flaws, mostly brought about because of the changing demographics and new lifestyles that have evolved over the years. There are things that need to be addressed, but scraping the entire business model in favor of some other system that has been already proven can not adequately address the issues raised by consumers, providers and the agency providing the coverage, think Medicare here, which is running in the red and is finding fewer and fewer doctors willing to take their patients because of the lower reimbursement rates, is not the answer.

Let's simply address what need to be fixed, to bring the health insurance industry more in line with the way America is today rather then how it was 40 years ago and then move on.

Inevitably, it is not the insurance companies that changed, a whole slew of federal and state regulations saw to that, but rather the American lifestyle did.

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