Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uh - Oh Bad news For Big Retail

I say bad news because if the health insurance profits of 3.3% are considered extravagant and obscene what do you call a profit margin of 28%?
Kohl's Corp. on Thursday posted a 28% jump in profit for its fiscal fourth quarter by increasing sales and improving margins.
This simply can not be allowed to stand. C'mon you union loving, socialist pigs. I demand you devote as much attention to Big Retail as you did Big Banking and Big Health Insurers. Why I bet these executives even got bonuses, and gasp, probably went on a retreat or at least took a vacation. I wonder how many jobs were created by this explosion of profits? This can not be permitted by an entity that did not receive any stimulus funds and must be stopped now before the average citizen hears of this.

I expect President Obama to immediately address this, the most pressing of domestic issues, preferably as soon as the health care summit is over today. Big Retail can not be allowed to continue to take advantage of the poor and disadvantaged in this country. Why I bet you will even find out that they located stores based on some sort of racial profiling and either targeted the minority community like Big Tobacco and Big Liquor does, or denied access based on location.

How long can we as Americans allow this to continue? It just isn't fair. The obvious answer is for government to step in and take over right now to prevent such profit taking in the future, because if there is one thing that Big Government has proven, they certainly don't know how to turn a profit.

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