Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paterson Mobbed at Election Announcement

Well, not really.
What if David Paterson ran for governor and nobody noticed?

Saddled with an anemic campaign bank account and nose-diving popularity, Paterson declared himself the man to beat at a campaign kickoff in Hempstead, LI, yesterday -- bereft of the Democratic establishment whose help he badly needs to win September's primary.

A crowd of about 400 -- including a few dozen reporters and camera people -- witnessed the event, at which the governor took swings at "pundits and politicians" who say he's going to lose.
Naturally, he blamed the media for his pitiful position.
He blasted the media for creating weeks of "rumors, lies and innuendo" that damaged his public standing.

The governor also slammed politicians who gauge their support of candidates on "antiseptic polls" and "how much money you've raised."

His tough talk comes amid sinking poll numbers and weak fund-raising. He has amassed a $3 million war chest, compared to still-undeclared Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo, who has raised $16 million.

Such Democratic heavy hitters as Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand -- who owes her Senate seat to Paterson -- were absent. So were Harlem honcho Rep. Charles Rangel, a Paterson family friend, and union leaders who usually back Democrats.
Meanwhile, yet another headache erupts for Paterson.

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