Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Say You, New Mexico Republicans?

Some folks may be aware of the name Adam Kokesh, but for those who aren't he is an anti-war protesting, socialist-leaning, ex-Marine embarrassment who has decided to run for congress in New Mexico as a Republican.

I cannot say this strong enough: Run, do not walk, away from this living oxygen thief. He has brought discredit upon himself, his country and the Marines. He was one of the first members of a group called IVAW, Iraqi Veterans Against the War, he has been a key figure in such far flung farcical productions as the Winter Soldiers hearings, along with being prosecuted for bringing back a gun from Iraq, classified as a war souvenir, for which he was demoted.

Several within the military blogging community are trying to get the word out to New Mexico voters and the public in general, and I support their efforts. I am embarrassed that the New Mexico Republican Party would even allow this scum to usurp the Republican label to run as a candidate. An open letter has been drafted to alert the public to just what sort of lowlife Kokesh is and to make them aware of his less then stellar credentials.

We are writing to you, to express our grave concerns about Adam Kokesh, who is aspiring to become the Republican nominee for US Congress from New Mexico’s 3rd district. Mr. Kokesh has an extensive and well-documented history of affiliations with radical leftist groups. In concert with these groups he has engaged in numerous anti-America and anti-military demonstrations and protests. Moreover, Mr. Kokesh does not appear to have any personal qualifications that would recommend him for serious consideration as a candidate for the Republican Party. He has a significant history suggestive of poor character and judgment, and he has notable incidents of direct activism against Republican office holders.

BTW, did you notice the Impeach Bush banner on the back of the bus in the video?

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