Friday, February 26, 2010

Climate Hoaxer to Face 'Independent' Inquiry

Somehow I doubt anything will come of this, but it appears the unusually hairy climate hoaxer and Al Gore pal Rajendra Pachauri will be facing an inquiry into his junk science.
Environment and Climate ministers meeting in closed session in Bali last night insisted that an independent review should be carried out following the publicising of mistakes in its last report, and a row surrounding Dr Pachauri's robust response to his critics. If his management is found to be at fault his position could become untenable.

Participants in the unprecedented meeting – held at the annual assembly of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Governing Council in Bali – were sworn to secrecy over the decision and it is only expected to be announced after its detaled scope and composition have been worked out by UNEP and the World Meteorological Organisation, the two UN agencies that oversee the IPCC's work.
How nice of these climate hoaxers to fly to Bali while the rest of the planet is freezing their asses off.

Amazingly, this scammer thought he could get to decide who performed the inquiry. Man, he's got bigger stones than Algore.
The ministers – led by Hillary Benn, the Environment Secretary,and his counterparts from Germany,. Norway, Algeria and Antigua and Barbuda – refused to allow Dr Pachauri to decide who would carry out the review, insisting it must be completely and demonstrably independent of the IPCC.

The two agencies are expected first to approach national academies of sciences and to ensure that it examines the management of the organisation as well as its scientific procedures.

The review is to report by August to allow time for its conclusions - and Dr Pachauri's position – to be assessed before the IPCC meets for its own annual assembly in Korea in October.
Any objective inquiry can result in only one thing: Pachauri's dismissal. A criminal prosecution and being stripped of the Nobel Prize would also be nice.

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