Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Navy Grabs Eight More Suspects

The courts in New York are going to be busy if our military keeps this up.

The US Navy came to the rescue of a ship being pursued by pirates, and then captured eight wannabee Blackbeards.
USS Farragut dispatched an SH-60B Seahawk helicopter to MV Barakaale 1 after it raised a distress call saying it was under attack from a gang on a skiff, the embassy said in a statement.

"The helicopter then stopped the ... skiff as it attempted to speed away, by firing warning shots across its bow," it said.

"A boarding team from USS Farragut boarded the vessel and the eight suspected pirates were taken aboard the Farragut."

You know, if the Navy keeps this up I may have to change my opinion of them.

I said may.

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